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Understanding the Forces of Sport Injury

Imagine a cardboard box. It’s a fairly stable structure that can withstand a certain amount of weight placed on it.  For example, if you placed a one-pound weight on that box it would likely be able to hold that amount of compression.  Now imagine adding another one-pound weight and continue to add weights one by one.…

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How to Treat Muscle Back Pain

As mentioned in the past, our blog entries are not intended to be specific, individual advice for patients.  They are perhaps best viewed as “food for thought” or talking points for you and your health professional.  I cannot tell you through a blog entry what to do for your lower back pain because I don’t…

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Common Tips for Lower Back Pain

For this week’s blog, we’re just going to touch on some very common recommendations for lower back pain.  Keep in mind, the advice for anyone with lower back pain needs to be individualised. For any advice to be appropriate for someone with lower back pain, the practitioner needs to know what the diagnosis is and…

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Neck Braces for Neck Pain

At Burlington Sports Therapy, we practice in an evidence-based manner.  That means we try to base our recommendations and our treatment approach on research so that the care we deliver to our patients is the best it can be. Although some clinical decisions are based on a practitioner’s experience and opinion, there is usually research…

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Why You Should Always Seek Professional Advice

  So, I did it again, just to see.  I googled “stretches for back pain”.  I did this many years ago as one of our first Burlington Sports Therapy blog entries to illustrate how ridiculous the internet can be when it comes to expert opinion and getting health related information.  Beware!  The first time I…