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Do Children Need Massage Therapy?

A lot of people see massage as a relaxation treatment, but it is also therapy and can be very beneficial to children and teens, as well as adults. Children tend to recover from injuries faster than adults, but as they develop and grow, injuries can result. Growth spurts put stress and pressure on structures, especially…

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Arthritis in the Spine

There are many different types of arthritis.  Some types prefer to target the spine while others do not.  Reiters syndrome is a less common form of arthritis but certainly one that can affect the spine and be quite painful. This week’s blog will focus on this lesser known type of spinal arthritis. Reiters Syndrome Reiters…

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Healthy Aging Tips

  Being healthy requires the consideration of many different areas. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health…the list goes on. Perhaps two areas that many people neglect as they get older are balance and muscular strength.   Muscular Strength It seems that many people stop resistance training when they get older. Perhaps the reason is different for…

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When Can I Play Again?

From the weekend warrior to the elite athlete, that is one of the first questions they usually ask when they come in for treatment. Just because an injury may feel better, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe to return to competition. There are many factors that need to be addressed.   1. Is there…

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Migraine Headaches Treatment: Acupuncture

Migraine headaches are debilitating for people suffering from them. They are a significant medical condition and have a great effect on the quality of life. Sufferers see a decline in work productivity, with many having to take time off work to recover from the pain. Options for treatment include pain medication, meditation, massage, relaxation exercises…

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Stenosis Treatment in Burlington

Quite often our clinic in Burlington will see patients who have back and leg pain. There are various causes for this. The topic of this week’s blog is spinal stenosis, one cause of back and associated leg pain. What is Spinal Stenosis? Our spinal cord is housed in a boney tunnel that runs from the…

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Scoliosis and Spinal Curves

Quite often, people come to our clinic in Burlington looking for a diagnosis of their back pain. For some, this means to decipher the nature and severity of a curve in their spine. There are various reasons to have a curve in your spine. Some curves are normal, others are not. This week’s blog may…