Upper Back Pain2

Upper Back Pain – An Often Ignored Cause…

At a recent active release technique seminar I attended, an interesting study was discussed.  A 2013 paper published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation investigated the nature of upper back pain (between the shoulder blades) and nerve entrapment.  For many people, muscular pain and spasm located between the shoulder blades is an unrelenting problem.  This recent publication may assist in…

calcific tendinopathy

Shoulder Pain in Burlington – Is it Calcific Tendinopathy?

Calcific tendinopathy is a relatively common condition affecting tendons. Under most circumstances it refers to a change in the shoulder that involves calcific deposits forming in a tendon. Shoulder Pain Calcific tendinopathy is usually painful. Perhaps this is because you get little bits of calcium crystal deposited in the tendon. Calcific tendinopathy can occur in different tendons…

Rotator Cuff Function

Shoulder Pain Burlington…Again!

We’ve done a few blogs on the rotator cuff. Either it’s because we like writing about the shoulder or a lot of people in Burlington have shoulder pain. Regardless, this week’s blog will clarify a very important function of the rotator cuff for our readers (including our Burlington patients)…compression and depression. Shoulder Pain We frequently…

Front of Shoulder

Shoulder Anatomy

Our Burlington Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinic treats lots of different conditions and injuries affecting any joint, muscle, tendon or ligament in the body (more or less). Shoulder pain and shoulder injuries are among the most common conditions. For the next few weeks, we’re going to focus our blogs on shoulder pain, its causes, treatment options…


Pain in the Shoulder

Many patients visit our Burlington physiotherapy and chiropractic clinic for assistance with pain in the front of the shoulder. There are various causes to pain in this area, but perhaps one of the leading suspects would be the bicep tendon. Shoulder Pain As the name implies, the bicep tendon has two heads. In the shoulder…

Bicep Tendon

Bicep Tendonitis

If you’re experiencing pain in the front of your shoulder, you may have an injury to your bicep tendon. The bicep tendon is a relatively common source of shoulder pain. There are variable patient presentations and different treatment options depending on the specific dysfunction. Let’s start with the basics… Bicep Tendon The bicep muscle is…

Shoulder Physiotherapy in Burlington

Baseball Shoulder

It seems that over the last decade more and more research is being published on the role of the scapula (shoulder blade) in athletic shoulder injuries.  Perhaps it is safe to say that in the past, most of the research was focused on the more obvious, common structures that get damaged in the shoulder as…


Trigger Point Therapy

A “trigger point” is a slang term used to describe an irritable, localised area of dysfunction in a muscle. What makes a trigger point unique is that it refers pain in a characteristic pattern. That is, it sends a pain signal to a different location and this location is often predictable (depending on the dysfunctional muscle). What causes…


Separated Shoulder

Put your hand on your clavicle (or collar bone as many people call it) and follow it outwards as far as you can toward your shoulder; that big bump at the end on the top of your shoulder is called your acromioclavicular joint or “AC joint”. Traumatic injuries to this joint are common accounting for…