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Shoulder Anatomy

Our Burlington Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinic treats lots of different conditions and injuries affecting any joint, muscle, tendon or ligament in the body (more or less). Shoulder pain and shoulder injuries are among the most common conditions. For the next few weeks, we’re going to focus our blogs on shoulder pain, its causes, treatment options…


Shoulder Rehab

Shoulder pain is very common among active individuals.  Although there are many different causes of shoulder pain, many studies have been published in recent years which link scapular (shoulder blade) position and the activity patterns of the muscles around the scapula to many types of shoulder injury. Among the evidence is the consistent finding of…

Shoulder Pains Burlington ON

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder pain attributed to swimming is very common and there are many different causes. Listing all of these causes and conditions is beyond the scope of any blog as it is a very complex topic.  Nevertheless, this article will address one of the more common scenario’s; impingement of the shoulder. Impingement Although there are different…