The first time I visited these folks, I had severe pain in my foot. Kevin McIntyre took a look and quickly determined I was suffering from planter fasciitis. I was warned it wasn’t a quick fix, but through a few visits, Kevin fixed me right up and have never felt pain in the foot since.
Anytime my back goes out, I call the office, they always find a way to quickly fit me in. As soon as I arrive, Kevin is on the case and soon I’m heading out the door in far better shape than I arrived.
He is like no other Chiro I’ve visited. I highly recommend him!!

Bruce M.

I’ve been going to Burlington Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy for more than two years and had nothing but positive results from treatment with Dr. Kevin McIntyre. I was referred by a few coworkers to see Kevin when I started full time and had little to no results at other physio practices in the Burlington area.

I unfortunately suffered from a herniated disk at age 22. A combination of a bad fall, and poor training habits in the gym resulted in me becoming seriously crippled. I was unable to walk, and sleep due to the pain for almost a year. I was in so much pain and had lost so much muscle in my leg due to nerve damage that I could barley keep my balance let alone walk.

After a few months of treatment I was able to squat and run pain free with no visible sign that anything had happened prior. I have been going for active release sessions as well as backs adjustments and have modified my workouts as per Dr. McIntyre’s suggestions. As of today I am stronger and healthier than I ever was prior to my injury thanks to Dr. McIntyre’s treatment plan.

Kevin has a strong understanding of the human body and is willing to work closely with his patients to achieve lasting results. He’s the only professional I refer friends and family too when anyone has an injury.

The price is very reasonable for a session compared to various other places I’ve been too.

Theo T.

I love it here. Dr. McIntyre takes time and care with me each visit… he is not the kind of chiropractor who comes in, adjusts you quickly, and moves on to the next patient. (And I’ve seen a lot of different chiropractors in my day!) He assesses me, determines the course of treatment that day, and makes only the required adjustments necessary. Also, Joy at the front desk is awesome! Highly, highly recommend Burlington Sport Therapy!

Shay S.

Dr. McIntyre and staff are some of the most genuine, caring and honest health care professionals I’ve had the pleasure to meet. After a minor car accident, Dr. McIntyre provided excellent care to get be feeling great again, and his staff took care of all of the paper work, taking the anxiety out of an already stressful situation. I highly recommend this clinic- you won’t be disappointed!

Lisa V. W.

…the balance of academic knowledge and personality is rarely found in today’s medical system.

Steven C. W.

I have been treated by Dr. Leslie McDowall over the past couple of years. Due to a trampoline accident of over twenty years ago, I have a fused neck and have suffered from constant neck and back pain. Through Dr. McDowall’s treatment process of using both Laser and A.R.T. therapy, I have gained back almost full mobility of my neck. My back is also much better allowing me to enjoy sports again that I thought I would have to give up. I strongly recommend her as a chiropractor and I am grateful for all she has done.

David J

My Doctor referred me to the Burlington Sports Therapy clinic as I had chronic upper back and shoulder pain. I am not an avid athlete so I was surprised my doctor would send me there. He said that the clinic was designed to help both athletes and non-athletes recover from injury or chronic problems in a short time frame. Within a few weeks of my first visit, I no longer had the constant pain and I had noticed an increase in my upper body flexibility. I was sleeping better and could see the improvement in my overall posture.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly and I have recommended the clinic to several of my friends.

Peggy O