Stress Fractures

October 5, 2014|

A stress fracture is an overuse bone injury that typically affects active people.  In fact, it affects approximately 20% of [...]

Stress Fracture

April 18, 2010|

Stress Fracture Bone Scan Our bones are constantly remodeling, a balance between the cells that breakdown and the [...]


September 17, 2020|

Custom foot orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts that are fabricated from casts of your feet. [...]

Heel Pain

May 8, 2011|

Heel pain is a common complaint at our clinic here in Burlington Ontario. Maybe it's because so many people are [...]

Orthotics Burlington

February 8, 2009|

Custom Orthotics Orthotics Burlington Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts (similar to insoles) that are constructed from a [...]

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