elbow and wrist pain

Elbow Pain

The other day I was riding some bike trails here in Burlington and noticed that I was getting some elbow pain. The pain was located on the inside of my elbow, the area commonly affected with golfers elbow.  As we have discussed in previous blogs, the elbow pain with golfer’s elbow is usually located in the…

outline of calcific tendinopathy

Shoulder Pain in Burlington – Is it Calcific Tendinopathy?

Calcific tendinopathy is a relatively common condition affecting tendons. Under most circumstances it refers to a change in the shoulder that involves calcific deposits forming in a tendon. Shoulder Pain Calcific tendinopathy is usually painful. Perhaps this is because you get little bits of calcium crystal deposited in the tendon. Calcific tendinopathy can occur in different tendons…

We are moving!

Yes, you heard correct!  As of June 3rd, 2013 we will be located just down the street at 3455 Harvester Rd, west of our current location.  Our clinic will house chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy all at this one location.  More to follow in the coming weeks!