Dr. Kevin McIntyre is a chiropractic practitioner who not only demonstrates an adept ability to diagnose, but possesses the right balance of empathy and discretion. His treatment planning is not to overburden the patient with a myriad of appointments but he uses restraint and wisdom when recommending a course of action. This balance of academic knowledge and personality is rarely found in today’s medical system where we all seem to get lost in the maze!

This is not to say that I have not had reactions to his hands-on skills, but rather to say that he is willing to adapt to individual thresholds of manipulation and change. This flexibility in his hands on treatment allows the patient to be comfortable and enjoy the visits.

In short, regardless of the cause of the ailment, Kevin applies the right amount of listening with appropriate care. Couple this care with an office schedule that tries to accommodate, and you have a practice that I want to visit as my personal assist to better health! My physical routine is rigorous and I need his perspective and help to keep my body in great shape!