I’ve been going to Burlington Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy for more than two years and had nothing but positive results from treatment with Dr. Kevin McIntyre. I was referred by a few coworkers to see Kevin when I started full time and had little to no results at other physio practices in the Burlington area.

I unfortunately suffered from a herniated disk at age 22. A combination of a bad fall, and poor training habits in the gym resulted in me becoming seriously crippled. I was unable to walk, and sleep due to the pain for almost a year. I was in so much pain and had lost so much muscle in my leg due to nerve damage that I could barley keep my balance let alone walk.

After a few months of treatment I was able to squat and run pain free with no visible sign that anything had happened prior. I have been going for active release sessions as well as backs adjustments and have modified my workouts as per Dr. McIntyre’s suggestions. As of today I am stronger and healthier than I ever was prior to my injury thanks to Dr. McIntyre’s treatment plan.

Kevin has a strong understanding of the human body and is willing to work closely with his patients to achieve lasting results. He’s the only professional I refer friends and family too when anyone has an injury.

The price is very reasonable for a session compared to various other places I’ve been too.