Hear what a few of our patients have had to say about us.

…the balance of academic knowledge and personality is rarely found in today’s medical system.

Steven C. W.

Leslie and Kevin are on the leading edge of chiropractic treatment. I found no comparison with other chiropractic care I’ve experienced over the years.

Their style of treatment works. They listen when I describe my ailments and then zero in on the problem thereby easing my pain almost immediately.

The added bonus is that both Leslie and Kevin have similar training and styles and work closely with one other which means that if one isn’t available, you can rest assured that the other can step in and perform the required treatment. One other very important fact – they are both very much approachable.

Brenda H.

Kevin has been treating a knee injury I suffered last year as well as an elbow strain and the results have been great. Not only has the treatment been effective, he has taken the time to educate me on causes of these injuries and how to prevent them in the future. He also offers additional suggestions that I can implement at home to improve my progress. Lastly, his personal approach makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and completely at ease.

Kelley R.

Dr. Kevin McIntyre is an extremely knowledgeable Chiropractor. Due to this knowledge, he brings alternative methods of care to his patients. As a runner this is critical for me when I need to ensure that my areas of improvement can’t be addressed with just one method. Graston, A.R.T and Chiropractic care have worked wonders on my IT band, knee and neck issues. Due to the great service and results from the Dr. McIntyre, I transferred my care over to him permanently. I really feel like I am taken care of and my needs and concerns are listened too and addressed. Today I am healed and I continue with my therapy as preventative maintenance. I am thrilled with the service provided and I would strongly recommend Dr. McIntyre service to anyone.

Adriana G.

I have been treated by Dr. Leslie McDowall over the past couple of years. Due to a trampoline accident of over twenty years ago, I have a fused neck and have suffered from constant neck and back pain. Through Dr. McDowall’s treatment process of using both Laser and A.R.T. therapy, I have gained back almost full mobility of my neck. My back is also much better allowing me to enjoy sports again that I thought I would have to give up. I strongly recommend her as a chiropractor and I am grateful for all she has done.

David J

My Doctor referred me to the Burlington Sports Therapy clinic as I had chronic upper back and shoulder pain. I am not an avid athlete so I was surprised my doctor would send me there. He said that the clinic was designed to help both athletes and non-athletes recover from injury or chronic problems in a short time frame. Within a few weeks of my first visit, I no longer had the constant pain and I had noticed an increase in my upper body flexibility. I was sleeping better and could see the improvement in my overall posture.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly and I have recommended the clinic to several of my friends.

Peggy O