The Theralase Laser Therapy System is a well-recognized low intensity laser system that is used by many professional athletes for their injuries. It has a reputation for achieving rapid healing for various injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system. This includes injuries to the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments to name a few.

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Laser therapy using the Theralase System involves placing the laser diodes directly on the area of injury. This allows the laser diode to transmit photon energy to penetrate the tissue. Photons are particles of light energy that are absorbed by a variety of micro-molecules within the cell. This process initiates a number of physiological responses that are beneficial for healing. In simpler terms, light energy is converted into biochemical energy which helps to restore normal cell structure and function.

Bioflex LaserOur Theralase TLC-2000 system is among the newest generation of laser systems and we are very excited to offer this new technology. It has some very unique abilities, perhaps different from other lasers on the market. For example, the TLC2000 adjusts the settings according to a patient’s individual characteristics. The TLC-2000 has a patented technology that measures the depth of the target tissue prior to treatment, so that the dosage and length of treatment is perfect for that person. It makes logical sense really; imagine a person that is quite large getting their deep spinal joints treated, as opposed to a very slight person. The target depth might be significantly different. This new laser helps us measure that difference and deliver the most appropriate amount of stimulus to that patient.

What is Laser Therapy (Laser Physiotherapy)?

Lasers deliver specific photons of light at very specific wavelengths. Different cells in the body have photoreceptors to accept and respond to those wavelengths of light. For some of these cells, they can turn the light energy into chemical energy. This leads to various cellular changes that are essential in tissue healing. From this, patients see a positive effect on pain, inflammation and tissue healing.

theralase-logoTreatment using the Theralase device is not painful. In contrast to medical grade lasers which generate heat and cut through various tissues (think of hair or tattoo removal), Theralase is a class 3b laser that can be considered a “cold” laser. It does not generate heat. It does not hurt at all. The laser energy can assist healing of various tissues in a very non-invasive, pain free manner that is extremely comfortable for the patient.

How Many Treatments are Required?

The duration of laser therapy is different for every person and every condition. Sometimes treatment requires as little as a few minutes, while other conditions require as long as 20 minutes a session. Similarly, different conditions require a different number of treatments. For some, a benefit from treatment can occur after only a few treatments.

At Burlington Sports Therapy, laser therapy is offered through our physiotherapists and our chiropractors. Given this, it can be billed under either designation for insurance purposes.  If you are in the Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton or surrounding areas looking for laser therapy, call our office today.

Dr. Leslie McDowall is a qualified, accomplished professional Chiropractor. Her extensive knowledge of numerous therapies such as Active Release Therapy, Laser Therapy and, Graston technique, is helping me to recover from a chronic shoulder injury. As a result of these therapies I am almost 100% pain-free and have significant reduction in discomfort in my shoulder; as well as a definite improvement in mobility! I would highly recommend Dr. McDowall to anyone who has had sports injuries, suffers with joint pain, or who requires an adjustment from normal daily wear and tear. The results from Leslie’s professional care will be enormously beneficial to all.

Melinda E.R., June 2014

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