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For the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries…not just the spine!


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Prevention, care and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.


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Revitalise tired muscles or simply feel invigorated and relaxed.


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Recover movement and function to your full potential.


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  • Leslie and Kevin are on the leading edge of chiropractic treatment. I found no comparison with others…

    Brenda H.
  • I am extremely pleased with the results from various treatments which I have been receiving…

    Melinda E. R.
  • Dr. Leslie McDowalls treatments have helped to heal my hip… She is truly a skilled and caring doctor.

    Maria C.
  • I really feel like I am taken care of and my needs and concerns are listened too and addressed.

    Adriana G.
  • Kevin’s personal approach makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and completely at ease.

    Kelley R.

Reach your full potential


Special Rehabilitation Techniques


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (often referred to as “Shockwave Therapy”) is a newer treatment approach for various musculoskeletal disorders.


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A patented technique used by elite athletes worldwide, Active Release is a manual therapy that effectively treats muscle and tendon injuries.


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A patented technique using stainless steel treatment instruments, Graston has a reputation for quickly fixing muscle, tendon, ligament and fascial injury.


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A traditional treatment approach gaining more and more scientific validity…


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Perhaps the newest trend in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, laser therapy is a modern and pain-free approach to healing many conditions.


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Latest Blog Posts

Foot Drop Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Drop Foot? Our peripheral nervous system has a sensory and a motor component. The sensory nerves help us feel things. When these nerves get injured, patients often describe symptoms of numbness, tingling, pins and needles. When a motor nerve gets affected, we see a deficit in function. Drop foot is a term that…


Antibiotic Use and Tendon Injury – Is there a link?

The diagnosis and management of tendon injuries have changed over the years.  For example, “tendinitis” isn’t quite as common as what we once thought.  Instead, tendons undergo cellular changes related to tissue degeneration, and inflammation is not a major component of most chronic tendon injuries. Given this, tendinopathy is now the more commonly used term.…


Should I Stretch or Use Eccentric Strengthening?

When we stretch, we aim to lengthen a muscle.  According to the literature, this result is likely due to an improved tolerance to stretch (a neurological change) as well as a mechanical change in the tissue (the viscoelastic properties of the tissue).  The criticism of stretching has been whether or not these changes persist or…




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