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Shockwave Therapy at Burlington Sports Therapy – Results of a Systematic Review

Burlington Sports Therapy recently added Shockwave Therapy to our treatment offerings. Although it has been around for about 20 years, it is a relatively newer approach to treating various musculoskeletal injuries. It has primarily shown benefit in the treatment of certain tendon disorders including but not limited to rotator cuff tendinopathy, calcific tendinopathy, elbow tendinopathy…


Should I Use Rest, Ice, Crutches or Heat?

Ice or heat has been a debate in musculoskeletal medicine for a very long time. Traditionally the idea was that you ice an acute injury to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Heat was believed to be more appropriate for chronic injuries, where there was no longer an inflammatory response and the tissue was ‘stiff.’ Over…

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Painful Injury Recovery

For this week’s blog, I’m going to walk through a hypothetical scenario that might shed some light on how recovery from many painful injuries can occur.  Keep in mind this is hypothetical and doesn’t hold true for all conditions and is not official advice for your specific condition.  It’s simply a concept that may compel…

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Do I Need Surgery for My Injury?

This is a question we get asked quite often at our clinic.  It’s not always a straight-forward question as there are many factors to consider.  Every diagnosed condition has a different list of management options. The first step in the process is getting a diagnosis before we even consider answering the question of whether or…