smiling woman with dumbbells exercising and doing squats at home

The Benefits of Your Home Exercise Program

Almost every injury that comes to Burlington Sports Therapy requires some level of home exercise. Our practitioners regularly offer patients tips and strategies on things they can do at home to assist in their recovery. Home programs can differ greatly. Some conditions require strengthening exercises, some require stretching, some would benefit from balance or proprioceptive…

Man Deadlifting heavy weights

Lifting Heavy Weights vs. Lifting Light Weights

Many people believe that in order to gain muscle we must lift heavy weights. Some interesting research out of McMaster University has questioned this idea. Although lifting heavy weights can lead to muscular gains, so can lifting lighter weight for more repetitions. What the research found is that the primary variable is lifting to failure.…

baseball pitcher

Treatment Options for Pitcher’s Elbow

Elbow pain is very common. There are various conditions that affect the elbow, including muscular strains, overuse injuries (repetitive strain) and fractures to name a few. Golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow are extremely common conditions that affect the elbow. Perhaps a less common injury that affects the elbow is pitcher’s elbow which is the topic…

neck pain from texting

Text Neck: The New Health Care Phenomenon

I have been seeing clients in my practice as young as nine years old complaining of neck and upper back pain. The cause of the problem: too much time spent hunched over a phone or hand held game. This condition is now being referred to as “text neck” by medical professionals. Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, chief…

overhead lift

Shoulder Pain due to Shoulder Impingement

  Shoulder pain is very common.  Obviously, there are various causes for shoulder pain.  What seems to be a very common denominator is that it frustrates active people when it interferes with your regular exercise routine.  One of the most common shoulder conditions affecting active adults is shoulder impingement.  The typical scenario with shoulder impingement…

man feeling pain in lower back

Nerve Flossing for a Pinched Nerve

We’ve posted many blogs on sciatic nerve irritation. “Sciatica” as it is often called is a very painful irritation of a large nerve that runs from the lower back down the back of the leg. As we’ve mentioned before “sciatica” is not a diagnosis. Irritation of the sciatic nerve can occur for various reasons depending…

x-ray of a hand

What is Scapholunate Dissociation?

A “FOOSH” injury is rather common for many athletes and kids. “FOOSH” stands for fall on outstretched hand. Other than the obvious scrapes that can occur, the most common injury related to this mechanism is what we classify as a sprain / strain. This infers damage to both muscles and joint structures (ligament). One specific…