Dr Kevin McIntyre and his team are wonderful. Kevin is highly skilled and sensitive to the patients needs. His staff is top notch, friendly and engaging. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Debbie Z.

As a runner I suffer from injuries fairly often but thankfully Kevin is always there to fix me up and offer advice on how to stay injury free. No problem is too small and the extra time is always taken to help me out. I’ve even sent my teenage son to see Kevin for treatment on a torn shoulder muscle. The staff is friendly and I’ve never had a problem getting an appointment. I highly recommend Burlington Sports Therapy and have sent a number of friends there.

Sam J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kevin McIntyre for a few years now. I have recently visited Kevin due to a workout injury to my shoulder. It turns out that part of my injury was due to exercise and the other due to computer posture. After a few visits I am much better. Kevin has educated me on my work posture and gives recommendations on managing intense workouts. Kevin not only fixes the problems he helps prevent them! Kevin is very punctual and addresses any concerns with patience and professionalism. I can always count on Kevin to fix me when I am broken!

Jody B.

We (my wife and I) have been patients of Dr. Kevin McIntyre since the last few years. He was recommended to us by a friend. Dr. McIntyre has been nothing but professional, kind and caring. He is the first chiropractor we have visited and definitely we shall not be seeing anyone else. Dr. McIntyre has been very patient in listening and understanding our issues and gets to resolve them in the most efficient manner. The front office staff too is courteous and efficient. We have recommended him to a few friends and shall continue to do so.

TheLazyGamer Productions

I receive Laser & ART treatment from Dr. Kevin McIntyre and the results have been phenomenal. Kevin is knowledgeable, personable, and always goes the extra mile to ensure the best quality of care. I always appreciate the time spent explaining things to me in an easy to understand way. He is extremely thorough and you are never made to feel rushed. He is punctual and his staff is outstanding. If you are looking for an exceptional and absolute expert in all things chiropractic, then give his office a call. Thanks for everything guys you have absolutely changed my life!!

Sarah H

I’ve been a patient for years and have always had amazing experiences here. I recently injured by lower back while exercising and went in for treatment. I was so down on the situation and completely worried about the long term implications of my injury as I had never had this type of injury for so long before. Dr. McIntyre thoroughly and comprehensively explained what was going on and reassured me that all signs looked promising in terms of prognosis. Now, I realize that he doesn’t have a crystal ball and was making a call based on my symptoms and range of mobility assessment, but to hear that optimistic opinion really reassured me. I truly believe that the time taken to alleviate my psychological worry helped tremendously in my physical recovery.

You will not regret choosing this clinic!

Michael D.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kevin McIntyre’s for 2 years now. Prior to that, I visited a few other local chiropractors with little to no success. Growing up, my father was an incredible chiropractor so when he couldn’t practice anymore, I had to find someone like him; someone who respected the traditional manual manipulation style of chiropractic. Thankfully, my wife and I found Kevin! His style is very much like my dad’s but he also incorporates elements of the “new school” with Active Release Technique. I would recommend Kevin to any of my family and friends (and already have a few times over!).

Ryan B.
Everything about Burlington Sports Therapy is worth going for. I had the opportunity to attend at the clinic for two separate injuries and am grateful for their expertise. Dr. Kevin McIntyre is punctual, kind, casual and amazingly professional. He has a wealth of knowledge, takes the time to explain all of his findings to you and is also humble enough to take a step back where he feels additional tests (X-rays/bloodwork) are necessary or to have other professionals in the clinic work with you. Whatever works best for “you” and your injury is what this team is willing to make happen. Joyce (at the front desk) is amazing and will do whatever she can to help you get in for appts around your schedule. Thanks Kevin and team!!!!

Bonni G.

The first time I visited these folks, I had severe pain in my foot. Kevin McIntyre took a look and quickly determined I was suffering from planter fasciitis. I was warned it wasn’t a quick fix, but through a few visits, Kevin fixed me right up and have never felt pain in the foot since.
Anytime my back goes out, I call the office, they always find a way to quickly fit me in. As soon as I arrive, Kevin is on the case and soon I’m heading out the door in far better shape than I arrived.
He is like no other Chiro I’ve visited. I highly recommend him!!

Bruce M.

I’ve been going to Burlington Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy for more than two years and had nothing but positive results from treatment with Dr. Kevin McIntyre. I was referred by a few coworkers to see Kevin when I started full time and had little to no results at other physio practices in the Burlington area.

I unfortunately suffered from a herniated disk at age 22. A combination of a bad fall, and poor training habits in the gym resulted in me becoming seriously crippled. I was unable to walk, and sleep due to the pain for almost a year. I was in so much pain and had lost so much muscle in my leg due to nerve damage that I could barley keep my balance let alone walk.

After a few months of treatment I was able to squat and run pain free with no visible sign that anything had happened prior. I have been going for active release sessions as well as backs adjustments and have modified my workouts as per Dr. McIntyre’s suggestions. As of today I am stronger and healthier than I ever was prior to my injury thanks to Dr. McIntyre’s treatment plan.

Kevin has a strong understanding of the human body and is willing to work closely with his patients to achieve lasting results. He’s the only professional I refer friends and family too when anyone has an injury.

The price is very reasonable for a session compared to various other places I’ve been too.

Theo T.