A Pre-Game Soccer Warm-up

Recently we spoke with a number of soccer coaches about exercises that are suitable for a pre-game warm-up.  Below you will find a warm-up routine for young soccer players that we believe is an appropriate blend of evidence based principles and faithful practices that have been used for years.  Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us or post your comments right on this site.

Soccer Warm Up

Soccer Warm Up

Soccer Warm-up Program

1. Light jog – 2 widths of the pitch.

2. Static stretching (5 minutes) – quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, gluteals, calves, neck and shoulders.

3. Dynamic stretching of the upper and lower limbs (5 – 10 minutes).

4. “Cross Country Skiing” – (number 4 from the FIFA 11) – 30 seconds each leg.
“Single Leg Chest Passing” – (number 5 from the FIFA 11) – 30 seconds each leg.
“Jumps over a Line” – (number 8 from the FIFA 11) – 30 seconds.

5. Light jog – 2 widths of the pitch with a few 10 yard sprints.

6.  Repeat number 4.

7. Small possession games (4 vs. 4) in an area measuring approximately 30 X 30 feet.

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic in Burlington ON

This summer, our physiotherapy and chiropractic clinic has aimed to reduce soccer injuries in Burlington.  To accomplish this, we met with a number of coaches and players from the Burlington Youth Soccer Club and have examined several teams for movement patterns and characteristics that may predispose certain players to injury.  As we explained to many of these coaches and players, we agree with the suggestions outlined in the FIFA 11 program.

For more information about the FIFA 11, please visit www.fifa.com.   For more information about our clinic and our services, please visit our homepage.