Avoiding Injury While Moving

Each day we put our bodies through an obstacle course of life. We climb up stairs, lift groceries; bend down to pick up objects and these activities can put stress and strain on our bodies. One such activity that can put undue strain and stress on our body is moving into a new home.  Not only is moving day strenuous but also packing before the big day can put our bodies in jeopardy of injury.  Here are 11 tips to help avoid injury during this stressful event.

  1. Bend at the knees and keep your back straight.  Lift with your legs not your back.  Using proper lifting techniques will greatly reduce the chance of injury to your back, knees and hips.  When you bend, push up, keeping your back straight and using your legs not your back to lift.
  2. Wear moving gloves with special grips to help keep items from slipping out of your grasp. Only carry what you can handle at one time. Don’t overload yourself.
  3. Get help to lift and carry items that are large and unwieldy, even if they’re not heavy.  Don’t be a hero and try to manage that couch all by yourself. Take your time and you will avoid unnecessary injury.
  4. Carry items close to your body and centre of gravity. This helps you use your core strength to carry the items rather than relying on your arms alone.
  5. Take your time. Lift and carry slowly.  Walk carefully and ensure your path is clear. Never rush as this only invites accidents and possible injury.
  6. Don’t carry more than one box or item at a time. You won’t save time by overloading yourself and risking injury. If injury occurs, your moving day will grind to a halt.
  7. Don’t attempt to carry items that feel too heavy for you. Know and heed your limits. Ask for help with heavy items. Risking trying to carry something that is too heavy for you is a recipe for injury.
  8. Don’t carry items on your shoulders or head. Placing the load on a higher plane will throw off your balance and cause you to fall easily under the strain.
  9. Don’t twist or stoop while carrying heavy items.  Bend at your knees keeping your back straight and use your stronger leg muscles to do the lifting. Twisting can cause injury to your joints and ligaments.
  10. Always stretch before and after lifting and carrying. Take the time to warm up before you begin moving your furniture and boxes. Stretch your legs and arms, bending slowly at the waist and reaching for your toes and then to the sky. Do slow bends side to side. Stretch out in front of you to stretch your back.
  11. Pay attention to your body and if something doesn’t feel right, stop right away. Your body speaks to you. Pay attention to what it is saying. As soon as you feel discomfort or pain, stop immediately. Don’t risk further injury and possible loss of mobility.

Moving day can be a challenge. Following these simple tips will help you survive your moving day without undue injury or pain.