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Where do you get your health information? Do you use the internet? How current is the information? Who wrote the article? What are they basing their opinion on?

Physiotherapy in Burlington – Using the Evidence

Quite often we encounter new patients at our Burlington Chiropractic Clinic and our Burlington Physiotherapy Clinic who have used the internet to learn about their condition or injury. Unfortunately, internet search engines do not ensure that you are getting accurate information and they do not validate the qualifications of the author. When dealing with your health, this can be dangerous. Sometimes people are given incorrect or even harmful advice when they are simply making an effort to become more informed about their health. A very common example are patients who have been given specific stretches or exercises for lower back pain that may actually aggravate their condition!

So what internet sources do you trust? How can you be sure that this website will provide accurate information?

Physiotherapy in Burlington

Physiotherapy in Burlington

Injury Experts

The treatment and advice that we provide to our patients (on a daily basis in our physiotherapy and chiropractic clinic) is grounded in science. We intend this blog to be no different. This area of our website will be updated every two weeks with various ideas related to health and wellness. When appropriate, we will provide references from peer reviewed, published research from reputable health and medical journals so that you can be confident in the information you are reading. We encourage our readers to post comments or questions directly on the blog or feel free to email us at any time for further information.

Burlington Sports Therapy Blog Disclaimer

The purpose of our blog is to educate patients and those interested in improving their health and wellbeing. We recommend that you always consult with a qualified health care professional before applying any of the topics or suggestions mentioned on this website. Appropriate practitioners include (but are not limited to) chiropractors and physiotherapists. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat your condition. Our Burlington Chiropractic Clinics, Burlington Physiotherapy Clinics, Dr. McIntyre, Dr. McDowall and Burlington Sports Therapy accept no responsibility for any complications arising from the use of any suggestions, exercises or topics of discussion on this site. Should you have any further questions about these topics please contact our clinic.