Physiotherapy Burlington Ontario

Physiotherapy Burlington ON

Physiotherapy Burlington ON

If you’re looking for physiotherapy in Burlington Ontario, look no further!

Burlington Sports Therapy – A bit about us…

Our clinic (Burlington Sports Therapy) is a Burlington Ontario physiotherapy clinic that offers many different treatment approaches for patients.  We have traditional approaches to physio (such as interferential current and ultrasound) as well as more modern approaches to physical therapy like Active Release and Graston technique.  Please take the time to look around on our website and learn about our different services…we’re sure to have a treatment approach that is right for you!   Want to know about our philosophy for treatment?  Click here!

Physiotherapy Patients – Important Information

You do not need to be an athlete to be treated at our clinic.  Our Burlington Physiotherapy clinic caters to patients of all abilities and we treat various physical injuries, not just those related to sports.  Many of our patients are unaware that we also accept motor vehicle injuries and wsib (workplace) injuries.  For more information about our physiotherapist, please review her bio…Beth Slack – Physiotherapist, Burlington Ontario.

Active Release Technique at Burlington Sports Therapy

Many patients contact our clinic looking for Active Release Technique and Graston Technique.  Popular within sports medicine, the majority of professional sports organizations in North America have active release practitioners on staff.  It is a hands-on soft tissue release technique designed to break down scar tissue in dysfunctional muscles, ligaments and tendons.  If you have a sports injury and are looking for a sports medicine clinic in Burlington Ontario, please give us a call.  For more information about Active Release Technique please click here.

Graston Technique at Burlington Sports Therapy

Graston Technique is also frequently used by sports therapists for various sports injuries.  This technique involves the use of stainless steel instruments that are great for targeting scar tissue in dysfuctional muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments.  For more information, click here.