Burlington Physical Therapy for Neck and Shoulder Blade Pain

A very common condition that we see in our practice is pain around the inside of the shoulder blade (the scapula) and pain in the neck.  For many people, the muscles on the inside of the shoulder blade get very tight, tender and painful.  Along with this, the muscles in the neck (like the upper trapezius as pictured above) get sore and “full of knots”.  The precise explanation as to why this happens is not known for certain, but prolonged sitting with poor posture is an activity which is often blamed.

Spasm and Knots

One common explanation for this condition is that prolonged sitting and poor posture lengthens muscles beyond their tolerance.  The muscles can’t keep up with the constant demand being placed on them and they decide to shout back.  As a result, the muscles shorten and become tender.  This is what most people describe as “tight” with spasm, “knots” and scar tissue in the muscles of the neck and around the shoulder blade.  The pain usually worsens after postural activities like sitting at a desk for prolonged periods.

Treatment for Poor Posture

So what is the cure for poor posture?  For most people, a combination of strengthening weak muscles, stretching tight muscles and remembering to change postures regularly and sit up straight is the key to avoiding excessive pain.  We usually recommend that you alter your workstation so that your head is not turned all day and your arms are comfortably positioned when working.  Treatment is often required to eliminate the areas of chronic muscle irritation and tightness.  At Burlington Sports Therapy, we use techniques like active release and graston technique for this.  These approaches have a great track record for effectively treating these areas of chronic muscle dysfunction and can eliminate those areas of painful muscle spasm.

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