leg with kineiotape

Kinesiotape Burlington

Taping has been used in athletic therapy and rehabilitation for many years.  The concept of taping isn’t new.  Traditionally, athletic taping has been primarily used for supporting a dysfunctional area.  Perhaps the most common application would be taping an ankle to prevent sprain (or another sprain) similar to what an ankle brace is trying to…

knee pain graphic

Pain in the Front of the Knee

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a type of knee pain that affects the front of the knee.  The patellofemoral joint is the small space between our knee cap and the thigh underneath it.  “Patellofemoral” is a general term, similar to saying “knee pain”.  It doesn’t really tell us everything that is happening with the injury, but…

runner holding ankle in pain

Stress Fractures

A stress fracture is an overuse bone injury that typically affects active people.  In fact, it affects approximately 20% of runners!  80-95% of stress fractures occur in the lower limbs and the tibia is the most commonly affected bone. Suspicion of stress fracture is usually determined during the patient interview.  Factors such as training schedule,…


Diagnosing Leg Pain

As we learned in our last blog, medial tibial stress syndrome is a common condition that affects active people. In particular, it’s common among runners and recreational walkers.  (For further information, we recommend you check out our last blog entry).  This week’s blog is going to continue from last week, reviewing two clinical tests that assist in…