applying a tensor bandage to a sprained ankle

Treatment for Sprains

Sprain injuries can occur to any joint in the body.  The most common is an ankle sprain, but they can occur in the fingers, the spine, the hips…anywhere there is a joint.  Sprain injuries involve damage to various joint structures, primarily the ligaments. Ligaments are non-contractile, meaning they don’t shorten and lengthen like our muscles…

taped up sprained ankle injury

Common Sports Injuries Requiring Rehab

Professional athletes and rec league regulars alike can suffer injuries when playing the sport they love. While the level of competition can take varying tolls on the body, similar movements from both pros and Joes on the playing field/court/ice can result in damage to muscles, joints, and bones. In this post, we provide a very…

back of lady's shoulders

Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder pain is very common, affecting up to 26% of the population. There are many different causes of pain in the shoulder, one being frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder has nothing to do with temperature. Frozen shoulder is a slang term that describes a condition in which the shoulder becomes very stiff and very painful. The technical term…


Common Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

The skiing versus snowboarding split is mostly a cultural one. Both are great core workouts that depend on speed, strength, balance and flexibility. Evidence suggests that skiers and boarders use their bodies differently, as shown by the varying injuries they receive. Common snowboard injuries are wrist, shoulder and ankle-specific while skiers commonly sustain knee ligament injuries. But these aren’t the only injuries sustained. Skiing and snowboarding injuries involve…

man with kettlebell

Neck Pain and Exercise

Neck pain is very common and can be caused by various structures.  For many it’s a combination of joint and muscle irritation aggravated by poor, sustained postures like sitting at a computer.  A general term used to describe this type of neck pain is “mechanical” neck pain.  This essentially means that the pain is aggravated…

lady holding her back in pain

Chronic Back Pain

Why do some people experience repeated bouts of back pain?  This is a very large question with many variables to consider.  An interesting paper published in the journal Pain shed some light on this topic, investigating the role of the lumbar multifidus muscle and the effect back pain has on it. Without question the muscles…