Foot Pain and Arch Height

2024-01-24T10:39:53-05:00October 19, 2014|

In general, we can classify our feet into three major categories based on the height of the arch.  These three [...]

Foot Pain

2023-11-27T10:38:01-05:00October 14, 2013|

Plantar fasciitis has been the topic of several blog entries on our site. This is because it is common, it [...]

Heel Pain

2022-03-28T16:31:08-04:00May 8, 2011|

Heel pain is a common complaint at our clinic here in Burlington Ontario. Maybe it's because so many people are [...]

Running Injuries

2022-07-26T13:11:03-04:00September 20, 2009|

Overuse injuries are very common among distance runners and are frequently seen at our Burlington Physiotherapy clinic. The repeated tissue [...]

Orthotics Burlington

2023-10-13T11:04:11-04:00February 8, 2009|

Custom Orthotics Orthotics Burlington Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts (similar to insoles) that are constructed from a [...]

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