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Many patients come to our clinic with preconceived ideas of what a chiropractor is or what a chiropractor does. Surprising to some, every chiropractor has his or her own style, his or her own philosophies and his or her own business practices. Our clinic (Burlington Sports Therapy) is a Burlington chiropractic clinic that aims to adapt each treatment to the individuality of each patient; not just what their condition needs but also what suits their comfort level.

Our treatment style has been referred by some as “soft tissue chiropractic” or “chiropractic physical therapy”. At every visit we discuss your condition and your response to treatment with modifications being made to your care if necessary. A typical visit to our Burlington Chiropractic Clinic lasts approximately 15 minutes and usually incorporates some form of treatment to the muscles and soft tissues, most often using active release technique. Below is some information that answers some of the more common questions that new patients have for us. We also encourage you to view some other chiropractic websites to see what other chiropractors in Burlington offer so that you choose the best chiropractic clinic for your specific needs.

Burlington Chiropractors

Burlington Chiropractors

Active Release

ART chiropractic refers to a soft tissue treatment approach that is common among sports chiropractors. Also popular within sports medicine, the majority of professional sports organizations in North America have active release practitioners on staff. It is a hands-on soft tissue release technique designed to break down scar tissue in dysfunctional muscles, ligaments and tendons. The reason our treatment visits are usually around fifteen minutes is because most of our patients receive active release treatment which requires more than a few minutes.

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At our Burlington Chiropractic Clinic we commonly use chiropractic adjustments as a part of treatment. Numerous studies have been published supporting the safety and efficacy of chiropractic adjustment as a treatment method for many different conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic adjustments are utilized at our Burlington Chiropractic Clinic when a patient’s condition indicates it, when it can be considered a safe option for that patient and when that patient is comfortable with it as a treatment option. Not every patient at our Burlington chiropractic clinic receives chiropractic adjustments. We offer various methods for treating injuries, depending on the needs and comfort level of each patient.


Chiropractic is a great option for all your aches, pains, sprains and strains. Although chiropractic adjustments and treatment of the spine are fundamental to chiropractic, chiropractors can be considered experts in the diagnosis and treatment of many different injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Coming to our Burlington Chiropractic Clinic does not necessarily mean that your treatment will include spinal adjustments or treatment of the spine; we will diagnose your condition for you and suggest a number of different treatment options that are suitable for your condition and that suit your level of comfort. Some patients come to our clinic and may be better served by our physiotherapists. We have them on staff so that every patients individual needs are met.

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Many patients that come to our Burlington Chiropractic Clinic have been referred to us for our diagnostic opinion. Most patients come to see us to find out if our method of combining traditional chiropractic with modern soft tissue treatments (in the same visit) will help them feel better.

Active Release Technique and Graston Technique give us more options for treating injuries and are often the reason that we have patients referred to us from various healthcare providers…including other Chiropractors in Burlington!

Do I need to be an athlete?

No. We are a Burlington Family Chiropractic clinic. We are Burlington Chiropractors who cater to patients of all abilities and we treat various physical injuries, not just those related to sports.

How Can I Book an Appointment?

We can usually accommodate a new patient appointment within a few days of contacting the clinic.  We can be reached at info@burlingtonsportstherapy.com or 905.220.7858.

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