Happy Holidays!

This week’s blog has nothing to do with physical health or musculoskeletal injuries.  Just a short one…I just felt the need to mention something pretty awesome that happened to my family yesterday. 

Happy HolidaysYesterday morning my wife and I went to Cora’s in Burlington for breakfast with my two kids and my parents.  Sort of a Christmas time treat if you will!  As we were half way through our meal, the server informed us that the couple beside us (who had just left) paid for our meal.  We were shocked.  We didn’t know them at all and we hadn’t even spoken to them.  At most, we probably gave them a smile as we were sitting down for our meal.  Needless to say, we were surprised and touched by such a kind gesture.  Perhaps it’s becoming more frequent to hear of people “paying it forward” and performing “random acts of kindness”, but this was special.  The couple were young.  They were having breakfast with their son who was no more than two years old.  If I had to guess, they are a young family that still has many years of financial obligations ahead of them.  They still chose to do something very kind for some complete strangers.

With all the serious things that are going on in the world right now, I just thought it would be nice to tell everyone about what happened.  Whoever did this for my family yesterday, thank-you.  It wasn’t just a great lesson for my kids but for me as well.  

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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