Healthy Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year when we’re all out getting some last minute shopping in for our friends and loved ones.  For this weeks blog, we thought we would help out with some gift ideas for the health conscious…

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Dual Purpose Hot and Cold Packs – These are always good to have around the house.  For kids, you can even find ones that are stuffed animals with a removable internal cold pack!

Automatic Jar Openers – For the elderly or those with arthritic hands.

Memory Foam Pillows – We usually tell our patients that pillows are personal preference. Perhaps a memory foam pillow is worth a try for those with chronic neck pain.

Memory Foam Bed-Toppers – Unless a new mattress is within your gift buying budget, a memory foam mattress topper may be worth a try for your loved one with back pain.

Massage Therapy Gift Cards – Who doesn’t like a relaxing massage?

Massage Device – From the hand held thumpers to the wooden kneading tools, there’s lots of these to choose from.

Insoles – Custom foot orthotics are probably not in everyone’s gift budget, so some good over-the-counter foot supports may be helpful for the person with foot pain.  Although this one really depends on the persons foot-type and specific needs, something like a “Superfeet” insole can be helpful and a relatively safe bet.  Check out your local running store for these!


Exercise Equipment – We would recommend steering clear of gimmicky abdominal exercise devices. Instead, an inflatable exercise ball, some tubing or dumbbells and a soft mat can serve as a good starting point for a home gym.

Lumbar Support – For the loved one with back pain, a lumbar support can be very helpful in the car and at work.

Ergonomic Friendly Mouse – There are lots of ergonomically sound devices for the person who spends plenty of time on the computer.  This may be a great way to keep your loved one pain free!

Travel Pillow – For the frequent traveler who has woken up at the end of a long flight with some serious neck pain.

Pedometer – Brisk walking has been shown to be helpful for many back pain sufferers. Allowing the muscles and joints to function with less impact than running is a great way to recover from pain.

Heart Rate Monitor – To make sure your loved one’s new years resolution will be effective.

Personal Training Consultation – If ongoing personal training is outside of your gift budget, perhaps a consultation for program design would be a great way to get your loved one on the right track to a more effective exercise plan.

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe holiday!

Dr. Kevin McIntyre & Dr. Leslie McDowall


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