Running Injuries

Overuse injuries are very common among distance runners and are frequently seen at our Burlington Physiotherapy clinic. The repeated tissue stress can lead to such conditions as achilles tendinopathy, achilles “tendinitis”, achilles tendinosis, patellar tendinopathy, patellar tendinosis, plantar fasciitis, plantar fasciosis and shin splints to name a few. Once present, these injuries often require extensive treatment. Think it won’t happen to you?

Frequency of Running Injuries

An interesting study published in Foot & Ankle International examined the injury statistics for 291 distance runners and found that the incidence of injury was actually quite high. The average age of the subjects was 42 years and they ran an average of 65.2 kilometres each week. The following are some of the more interesting findings…

Runnning shoes on runner

The injury rate was 0.08 injuries for each 1000 kilometres run.

Overuse injuries were more frequent than acute injuries.

The most predominant injury was achilles tendinopathy, affecting 56.6%.

46.4% of the runners experienced anterior knee pain.

35.7% of the athletes experienced shin splints.

12.7% of the subjects experienced plantar fasciitis.

Runners with more than 10 years experience had an increased risk for achilles tendinopathy.

Treatment for Running Injuries

Despite these staggering numbers, we don’t expect you to hang up the runners. Our Burlington Physiotherapy clinic offers many different effective ways for treating various running injuries. If you’re an avid runner and have never heard of or tried treatments like Active Release Technique or Graston Technique we encourage you to contact us or explore our website.  Don’t take our word for it; visit a local running specialty store and ask them if they’ve heard of these techniques… you’re likely to hear that they are often regarded as the best treatment techniques for common running injuries! Burlington Sports Therapy – Expect to be Satisfied 905.220.7858.


Knobloch K, Yoon U, Vogt P. Acute and overuse injuries correlated to hours of training in master running athletes. Foot & Ankle International 2008; 29(7): 671-676.