business woman suffering from a migraine at work

Migraine Headaches Treatment: Acupuncture

Migraine headaches are debilitating for people suffering from them. They are a significant medical condition and have a great effect on the quality of life. Sufferers see a decline in work productivity, with many having to take time off work to recover from the pain. Options for treatment include pain medication, meditation, massage, relaxation exercises…

Senior man with sharp back pain

Stenosis Treatment in Burlington

Quite often our clinic in Burlington will see patients who have back and leg pain. There are various causes for this. The topic of this week’s blog is spinal stenosis, one cause of back and associated leg pain. What is Spinal Stenosis? Our spinal cord is housed in a boney tunnel that runs from the…

human painful spine

Scoliosis and Spinal Curves

Quite often, people come to our clinic in Burlington looking for a diagnosis of their back pain. For some, this means to decipher the nature and severity of a curve in their spine. There are various reasons to have a curve in your spine. Some curves are normal, others are not. This week’s blog may…

soccer injury

Charlie Horse Physiotherapy

“Charlie Horse” is a slang term, not a technical diagnosis. Most of us know what it means though. Whether a kick, knee, punch or elbow to a muscle, a Charlie Horse is a painful blunt force trauma that can be very intense at the time of injury. If severe enough, the pain can last a…

Nerve cells

Nerve Irritation – Diagnosis

Have you ever wondered what your practitioner is doing when they check your reflex using a reflex hammer?  Chiropractors, physiotherapists, family practitioners, athletic therapists…many practitioners use the reflex hammer as an important diagnostic tool for neurological injuries.  It can help the practitioner figure out whether the problem is in your spine or more in a…