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Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts (similar to insoles) that are constructed from a mold of your foot. They are designed to stabilize and somewhat modify any problems with your feet so that you can treat or prevent various injuries. Keep in mind that these injuries don’t just have to be with your feet; orthotics can be helpful for ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain too.

Foot Orthotics

According to the scientific literature, custom foot orthotics can prevent or treat various injuries. Plantar fasciitis and tibial stress fractures are two of these conditions and are common with runners. Do you have to wear your orthotics while running? Not necessarily. If you’re on your feet all day at work, custom orthotics may be helpful in giving your running legs a much needed break!

Orthotics and Fallen Arches

Orthotics have also shown to be helpful for those who over-pronate, a foot-type that has been related to different knee conditions like patellofemoral disorder. Although orthotics are not only important for runners, this is an injury that is common for this population.

Foot Pain

At Burlington Sports Therapy, we believe that only some people require orthotics. If you have a relatively normal foot posture and normal foot biomechanics, orthotics should not help too much. Your probably won’t notice any difference. For some people, a different off the shelf shoe can do the trick.

The Graston Technique for Foot Pain

The Graston Technique is a patented treatment technique that is used by many sports organizations throughout the world. If you’ve landed on our site because you have foot pain and think you need orthotics, perhaps some Graston treatment may be helpful. The Graston technique is not for everyone and is not suitable for all condition. Take a look at our Graston Technique page and learn what it’s about. For more information you can call us at 905.220.7858 or email us at info@burlingtonsportstherapy.com


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