The Benefits of Laser Therapy and Our New TLC2000 Laser

We are very pleased to announce that we now have the newest laser released by Theralase! We’re still configuring the setup and expect to have it up and running in about a week. The TLC2000 will allow our clinic to provide very specific, individualized treatment plans that take into account a patient’s skin characteristics, size and tissue type being treated. For example, this laser has a patented system of measuring the depth of the target tissue before treatment…it then adjusts the dosage accordingly!


What is Laser Therapy?

Lasers provide a light stimulus at very specific wavelengths. The various cells of the body responsible for healing have the capacity to respond to these specific wavelengths. They turn the light energy into chemical energy, which leads to a series of physiological processes involved in the healing pathway. As a result, the patient will see a reduction in pain, reduced inflammation and increased regeneration of damaged tissues.


The Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • It can reduce inflammation and consequently improve the function and mobility of joints.
  • It has also been shown to eliminate and reduce the formation of scar tissue.
  • Laser therapy has been shown to increase the rate of cellular growth and repair.
  • Laser therapy increases blood flow. It does this by creating a temporary dilation of the blood vessels so that the increased blood flow can nourish damaged areas.
  • Laser therapy increases the cellular activity of the area being treated. It increases the production of ATP for example, which is paramount for improved cellular function in many physiological pathways.
  • In the case of nerve injury, laser therapy can help damaged nerves regenerate and therefore improve sensation, decrease nerve pain and improve motor function in a damaged area.
  • It aids in wound healing, through the facilitation of fibroblast and collagen proliferation in damaged areas.
  • Laser therapy at Burlington Sports Therapy can be performed by our chiropractors or our physiotherapists, so for insurance purposes, you may have a preference as to who helps you with your laser therapy.

Injured? In pain? Want to try a very modern approach using cutting edge technology that is very comfortable? Give us a call to see if laser therapy is right for you! Our clinic serves Burlington, Oakville, Milton and the surrounding areas.

For further information about Laser therapy at Burlington Sports Therapy, please refer to our laser therapy page.