Chiropractors in Burlington Ontario With More Advice for the Golfer…

On a regular basis, our Burlington Chiropractic Clinic treats golfers who experience back pain. We understand their goal; play lots of golf without being in pain. We understand that they don’t want to be told “not to play”. Below are some tips from your Burlington Chiropractor who understands golfers with lower back pain…

12 Tips from Your Burlington Chiropractor

1. Carrying your golf bag places a compressive load on your spine. Try using a push-cart instead.

2. There is literature suggesting that walking is helpful for people with lower back pain. Try walking the course instead of driving.

3. Teeing up your ball, picking up your tee, fetching your ball out of the hole and replacing divots are examples of things you do many times over the course of a round of golf. Make sure you’re crouching at the knees and not in the lower back.

4. Show up early so that you have time to warm-up before teeing off.

5. Put ice on your back after you play.

6. For many golfers with lower back pain, the end range of the swing is painful as the spinal joints are compressed. Consider shortening your swing so that you don’t compress the joints as often.

7. Be careful in the deep grass or the bunkers. For the golfer with lower back pain, moving at a high velocity and suddenly slowing down may aggravate the painful spine. Consider taking an easier swing, or If you’re playing a casual round with friends move your ball to more a more forgiving position.

8. Consult with a golf professional to ensure that you’re using proper technique, especially if you experience lower back pain.

9. Consult with a suitable healthcare practitioner if your back pain persists. In addition to alleviating your condition, they may be able to offer suggestions that are specific to your diagnosis.

10. Take a short break after nine holes.

11. Space your golf outings accordingly. If your back is particularly sore, consider delaying your next game until you are feeling better.

12. Instead of flexing the spine during your swing, try bending at the hips when possible. Using a muscular brace (as discussed in previous blogs) may also prove helpful in protecting the spine. Obviously, these strategies will have an impact on your golf swing performance, so it is important to also consult with your teaching professional.

Chiropractors in Burlington Ontario With More Advice for the Golfer...

Chiropractors in Burlington Ontario With More Advice for the Golfer…

Active Release Technique for Lower Back Pain

It often surprises my how many golfers come to our clinic and have never tried Active Release. Many of these players have the same drivers, putters, wedges and golf balls that are used by the professionals, yet they don’t bother with treatment for their lower back pain. Well, guess what treatment technique is extremely popular with professionals on the PGA tour? Check out our Active Release page and learn about a technique that won’t just reduce your pain, it may even help you hit the ball a little better! For further information about our clinic or to schedule an appointment please call 905.220.7858 or email us at