Physiotherapy for Youth Soccer Players In Burlington Ontario

Last week we dispelled the myth that certain types of soccer cleats predispose you to ligament injuries in the knee. Given the time of year (and the fact that we have a certain passion for the game) we’re going to continue looking at injuries in soccer.

burlington soccer physiotherapy

burlington soccer physiotherapy

How Common are Soccer Injuries?

According to the literature, the incidence of injuries in soccer players is as high as 1.3 injuries per player each year. It is also worth noting that 22-42% of soccer injuries are re-injuries and 58% of injuries are non-contact. So how can we reduce those numbers?

Injury Prevention

FIFA (the governing body of soccer) has recognized this problem and taken a step toward changing it. The “FIFA 11” is an exercise and warm-up program designed to prevent and reduce injuries in soccer. The program was developed by experts using current published literature and was designed to be easily implemented with players of all ability. In keeping with newer trends in musculoskeletal medicine and training principles, there is little to no focus on static stretching of muscles. Rather, the program emphasizes core strength, eccentric muscular contraction, proprioception, dynamic stabilization and plyometrics. (You’ll find a link to the FIFA 11 at the bottom of this blog).

Don’t Do What is Trendy, Do What is Correct!

As practitioners, we often see athletes in our clinic with injuries that may have been prevented with the appropriate guidance. For some players, certain exercises need to be prescribed while for others certain exercises need to be discontinued. Whatever the case may be, it’s important that players consult with a knowledgeable practitioner who is able to diagnose and identify predispositions to certain injuries and who is able to provide the appropriate preventative recommendations.

The FIFA 11

If you’re a soccer player or coach who is interested in preventing injuries this summer, we encourage you to review the FIFA 11 and consider it as part of your training and warm-up program. We also recommend that you check this area of our website over the course of the summer as we’ll be posting a few more articles relating to the prevention of soccer injuries.

Already injured?

Our clinic in Burlington employs both Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. All of our practitioners are familiar with treating soccer injuries and we can assist you in getting back to the game. For more information about our specific techniques and services, please visit our services page.

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