Why See a Massage Therapist for a Sports Injury?

That’s a question many of my clients hear when they tell someone they are seeing me for a sports injury. It seems a lot of people know that massage therapists perform massage, but they don’t know that we can also do other types of therapy. The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario regulates massage therapy in Ontario. According to the college, we “assess and treat physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints of the body”. Treatment may include: “soft tissue manipulation, hydrotherapy, remedial exercise and client education.”

In addition to massage techniques, massage therapists are allowed to use modalities, including TENS, ultrasound, IFC, and acupuncture. Other manual techniques that may be used are: muscle energy, myofascial release, active release and cranio-sacral therapy. Sports massage can also include taping and bracing. Not all massage therapists are educated in these techniques; there are courses that can be taken after graduating from a massage therapy program.

On a personal note, prior to becoming a sports massage therapist, I had been practising as an athletic therapist for 20 years. I had already taken many of these courses. I have worked with varsity athletes at McMaster University, national soccer teams, and have been on the medical team for several international events, such as World University Games, the Olympics, and the PanAm Games this summer. I currently treat many recreational and competitive athletes, including rep hockey, lacrosse, soccer players, runners, golfers, and fitness enthusiasts.

If you would like to see someone with extensive sports injury experience as both a massage therapist and an athletic therapist please give me a call at the clinic – 905-220-7858.

Written by – Madeleine Hunter, CAT(C), RMT

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