Athletic Therapy and Massage Therapy

A Certified Athletic Therapist is someone who specializes in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries. As well as clinical skills, they are also trained in on-field emergency skills and taping. They work at universities and colleges, with professional and national teams, and are part of the medical team of all major sporting events, such as the Olympics.

While athletic therapists are known for their work with athletes of all calibres, they treat a wide range of patients:  from young children to seniors who have had a joint replacement. An athletic therapist will use manual skills, modalities, rehabilitation exercises, and taping/bracing to return the client to their activity, whether it be highly competitive sports or activities of daily living.

At Burlington Sports Therapy, our Athletic Therapist, Madeleine Hunter, has 30 years of experience in the field and is also a Registered Massage Therapist.  She worked with national soccer teams for 15 years at McMaster University with varsity athletes and has been in private practice for the last 15 years. She has been selected to the medical team of many sporting events including: the Winter Olympics, PanAm Games, World University Games, Canada Winter Games, and many national and provincial sporting events. She has completed additional education in acupuncture, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release, cranio-sacral therapy, sports massage, cupping, and concussion rehabilitation, to name a few.

Athletic Therapy is covered by some extended health benefit plans and some sports organizations. If you don’t have athletic therapy benefits, your treatments with Madeleine can be covered under Massage Therapy. If you would like more information about Athletic Therapy, please call us at Burlington Sports Therapy: 905-220-7858. We serve Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, and surrounding areas.

Madeleine Hunter, BA, CAT(C), RMT

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